Making our glass options easier to understand

We know it can be a bit overwhelming coming into a frame shop, you are shown a myriad of different frame and mountboard choices.  That’s difficult enough!

Then we’ll take that a step further and ask you what type of glass you’d like! Many people aren’t aware there are literally dozens of different glazing types available, from UV blocking to “invisible” anti reflective glass.

We are taking steps to simplify the way we name our glazing and hopefully this will make it easier for you to make an informed choice.

Our specialist glass options will now be referred to as Artglass .  If it is Invisible (Anti Reflect) it will have the letters AR after. Then it will be followed by a number, the number is the UV blocking percentage.

For Example - Artglass AR 99 is an invisible glass with 99% UV blocking.

To simplify it even further we will give you the best advice on which glass type would be suitable for  the application you have in mind.